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Scale your eCommerce business to new heights with our proven Magento consulting services.

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Our Services

We know that the devil is in the details, and that’s why our Magento consulting services cover every aspect of your eCommerce business.

Platform Audit and Assessment

Platform Audit and Assessment

We’ll conduct a thorough audit of your Magento platform, so you know exactly which improvements will facilitate faster growth. The assessment process includes analyzing performance, scalability, security, and code quality. With the help of the Lobbster team, ensuring market dominance becomes easy.  

Strategic Planning and Roadmapping

Strategic Planning and Roadmapping

Attainable project goals, key features, and a detailed timeline of development are essential parts of Lobbster’s strategic roadmapping. Our top priority is providing the best Magento consulting services that align with your company’s needs and future endeavors.

Customization and Extension Development

Customization and Extension Development

The right extension can make a big difference in the long run and that’s why Lobbsters will help you figure out which Magento B2B extension will provide the most value to your business. We’ll also customize or extend any Magento functionality that will support your sales growth.

Migration and Upgrades

Migration and Upgrades

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration can be complex and requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. In order to ensure data integrity, code compatibility, and necessary security enhancements, you’ll need an experienced team of Lobbsters to lead you through the process.

Integration With Third-Party Systems

Integration With Third-Party Systems

Streamlining your entire eCommerce ecosystem can bring a lot of benefits to your business – you just have to do it right. With Lobbster consulting services, any integration-related problems will become a thing of the past.

Performance Optimization and Scaling

Performance Optimization and Scaling

If you are struggling with increased traffic and performance bottlenecks, it’s high time to turn to our experts for help. Our Solution Architects can advise you on how to scale your website’s infrastructure and improve its performance.

Tailored Strategies That Drive Revenue and Efficiency Have Never Been Closer

Are you taking the full potential of your Magento-powered platform?

Schedule a call with our Magento Solution Architects, and we’ll help you pinpoint growth opportunities.

Security Audits and Vulnerability Assessments

The Lobbster team will do an audit of your website and identify all potential vulnerabilities that can endanger the smooth functioning of your eCommerce business. We’ll also show you how to implement secure payment gateways and protect your customers’ data so that they can enjoy a secure and trustworthy eCommerce environment.

Mobile eCommerce Optimization

Enticing mobile shopping experience is everything nowadays. More than half of your customers use only their mobile phones to shop online, and if you don’t have mobile-specific features, as well as a responsive design, you may lose a big portion of your profits. Consult with the Lobbster team on how to optimize your eCommerce business and benefit from having a seamless user experience.

User Experience (UX) and Design Enhancement

Turn to our UX/UI design specialist, and they can show you how to optimize the layout, navigation, and usability. This way, you can enhance your website experience and drive more sales. Meeting the needs and preferences of your target audience always results in improved customer engagement, reduced bounce rates, and increased conversion rates.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Having advanced analytics and reporting tools can make data-driven decision-making quick and easy. You just have to put your trust in us, and we’ll show you how to gain insight into customer behavior and their buying patterns. Driving both sales and overall revenue is easy when you have the Lobbster team on your side.

SEO and Digital Marketing Integration

Without good SEO and marketing tools, your great products and services will have a tough time finding their target audience. Optimizing your product pages, URLs, titles, and meta tags, as well as implementing marketing automation tools is something your company can greatly benefit from. Book a free call, and we’ll show you how.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

All Lobbsters know the power of knowledge sharing. Our Magento Solution Architects have led big teams and they know how to pass the knowledge. With their help, your team will quickly have all the necessary expertise to tackle all Magento-related challenges on their own and without any supervision from our side.

Optimize your Magento store performance for success. Schedule a free 30-minute call with the Lobbster team, and learn how our Adobe-certified Solution Architects can make your business grow.