Welcome to LOBBSTER, a Magento development company founded by CERTIFIED MAGENTO EXPERTS

Our comprehensive knowledge of Magento development brings your big eCommerce ideas to life.

The Lobbster approach is what makes all the difference. 

Love for Magento

Certified Expertise

Years of Experience

Problem-Solving Aptitude

Client-Oriented Approach

Constant Availability

Extensive Experience Underpinned by Constant Knowledge-Seeking

Our team is always up for a challenge. We are dedicated to perfecting our skills and expanding our horizons. These certificates are just the beginning.

Adobe Certified Expert –
Adobe Commerce Developer

Adobe Certified Professional –
Adobe Commerce Developer

Adobe Certified Professional –
Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer

How We Do It

After working for different industry giants for 10+ years, we know exactly what it takes to run a successful business. We know the ins and outs of all the workflows in renowned Magento development agencies, and we utilized that knowledge to build a company that will help you achieve all your business goals.

Lobbster offers its clients a competitive advantage from day one. Complete commitment to you and all your Magento needs. We are not some big corporation that is only interested in how much development hours you can afford to pay. We are here to understand what drives your business and guide you through the confusing world of Magento customizations, migrations, and optimizations. 

Our team is passionate about your vision as much as you, and we want to cross that finish line together. Whether you hope to boost your conversion rates, improve customer experience, or streamline your operations, we know how to get you there without much fuss. Our processes are flexible, transparent, and stress-free.  

Another thing that sets us apart from other Magento development companies is our company culture. We know that the working environment and the composition of the team play a huge role in how the projects are handled and services delivered. That’s why we don’t choose our team members solely on knowledge and expertise. Good communication skills, empathy, and openness to feedback are the traits over which we won’t compromise.  

We firmly believe that only valued employees can contribute to providing high-quality services. Therefore we nurture a culture of knowledge sharing and respect all the individual differences between our team members. Everyone on the Lobbster Dream Team is equal and is more than welcome to chime in on the brainstorming we always do with our clients. Two heads are always better than one.

The Lobbster Approach Will Completely Change How You Feel About Magento eCommerce Development

Big corporations treat all their clients the same. There is no tailored-made approach, people often bounce around from one project to another, and nobody really wants to go that extra mile to make your business shine. They do as much as they can, the fastest they can. And then simply switch to another client.

This is not how our team gets things done. We are not in this business to sell our services but to enable our clients to sell theirs. Lobbster helps eCommerce store owners turn their retail brands into eCommerce leaders. And the best way to make that happen is to ensure you have all the information needed so that you can make data-driven decisions that will be the foundation of your eCommerce success.

Client satisfaction is our top priority, and we’ll be fully committed to your project until everything is running smoothly. We are always available for a quick call, and on standby, in case you need a quick fix or a functionality update. We know that millions can be lost during even the shortest downtime, and we won’t let that happen to your business. Lobbster’s developers are always at your service – weekends, holidays, day or night – you can count on us to get everything up and running before anyone even notices there was a problem.

Our Dream Team is your reliable partner that will do all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.  Each and every one of our developers is a well-versed, certified Magento professional who has the technical know-how and will add value to your business in no time. Put your trust in us and sit back while we do our magic.

Our passion for Magento is what drives the success of all our projects. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join forces with the A-team of eCommerce developers.